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Real World Industries Limited Industries Limited provides a wide range of real estates services which includes Selling Property, Renting/ Leasing Property, PG Accommodation, Construction Services, Architectural Services and Interior Designer services.
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We aim to be India's foremost Real Estate Company providing you with best Pan-India Footprint. We aim to create a strong foothold in the market and create an image as a company which is trusted in the market.


We have a complete management system that renders you with complete state-of-the-art infrastructure and are fully-maintained. We have in-house systems offering you capabilities.

Experience & Expertise

We have great years of experience in construction industry and thus we can give you an amazing experience.
We have gained training in the important areas of construction management and thus five our clients with unmatched services.

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Property Valuation, Legal Issues and Vastu on your mind? Let an expert help you.


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A-103, Safal Solitar, Near Divya Bhasker Press, SG Highway l Ahmedabad Gujarat 380015

Flexibility :-Our greatest strength lies in our ability to alter as per the need of our clients.

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We have Salt , Ahmedabad Filmcity , Tpl And etc.

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Ahmedabad Film City
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Ahmedabad film City Green Launch year of 2014, Here about 1200 Plots and Also Amenities.

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Dealing im Property "Real World Estate"
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The main focus of the organization is to assist common man to possess a piece of land at optimum price..

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Dealing in crypto currrency
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We have "AFC Mint" company which is dealing in crypto currency.

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For booming in fashion industry ,we also have online shooping site named "Real World Garments".

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India's 1st Cricket Talent hunt & reality show.

Ahmedabad Film City

The main focus of the organization is to assist common man to possess a piece of land at optimum price.

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We are commenting on business ideas and implementation on the same time to time basis and also on our upcoming businesses and projects in detail.

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Our services are available for 24*7 for our clients and our followers,trying tpo resolve all the issues within stipulated time period.

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Infrastructure industry per se requires huge investments, large tracts of land and utilises a large amount of resources and hence has to be sustainable in its endeavour to have long term benefits for society and the business. We at Real World Industries Limited understand this and have invested and initiated in various activities that focus on our sustainability. From the Health, Safety and Environment perspective, to bringing about inclusive development in the rural and urban landscapes where we have our presence through our CRS arm, Adani Foundation, the Adani group keenly adopts processes and technology that boost sustainability of our group. The CSR arm operates in four chosen areas of Education, Healthcare, Rural Infrastructure and Sustainable Livelihood to bring about progress and prosperity in the communities we impact.

At Real World Industries Limited , manufacturing is a passion. This passion has driven us to set up world-class manufacturing facilities with extreme operational efficiencies in record times. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation for flawless project execution and management.he project was of titanic proportions and required millions of engineering man-hours spread over many international engineering offices; thousands of tonnes in equipment and material procured from suppliers across the globe; highly advanced, mammoth construction equipment; a workforce of over 75,000 working round the clock for months; and a great number of innovative techniques in project execution.

Manufacturing divisions of Real World Industries Limited Industries Limited not only create thousands of jobs for skilled workforce, but also train unskilled workers, helping create a strong talent pool. Every product we create with the 'Made in India' tag is a source of great honour and pride.

There is an unwavering commitment to safety in all our operations. We have state-of-the-art Occupational Health Centres (OHC) equipped with diagnostic and therapeutic equipment manned by qualified specialists at all manufacturing divisions. we have full-fledged modern hospitals which look after not only our employees, but also their families. Most of our manufacturing divisions.

Doccupational Health and Safety has been given prime importance in Real World Industries Limited and safety is an integral of all our operations. The World has an established Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy, Safety Manual and identification of Legal Requirements in Legal register as well as in Operation & Maintenance activities. We have on-site Emergency Plan and Safety Operating Procedures. There is a Corporate Safety Group under the guidance of CEOs monitoring the safety activities of all respective sites.

In a nutshell, all possible safety precautions are observed and taken in to consideration so as to meet benchmarked global standards in safety management systems. Our sites go beyond statutory requirements to achieve continual improvement in track records year on year. This effort has been recognized through awards and accolades from many organization & safety forums.

"To create plantation and greenery not only to reduce CO2 emission but also to become responsible corporate citizen and to create environment friendly/Sustainable setup".The infrastructure industry is dependent on natural resources and thrives in their optimal usage and transformation for the development and progress of the society. It is therefore the responsibility of the industry and the organisations that constitute it to preserve and conserve the environment around their operations and as a responsible corporate citizen, Adani has undertaken multiple initiatives and innovations for the best protection and preservation of the environment in and around our sites and communities.

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    Established in the year of 2007 with the aim of making the organization as a leading land developer company in Gujarat. It specializes in developing and promoting world class residential projects which are complemented by elegant and robust infrastructure with world class facilities.The focus of the organization is to assist common man to possess a piece of land at optimum price with a provision of payment on monthly equated instalments spread over a long period.

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Real World Industries Limited


The Real World Industries Limited Code of Conduct, values and purpose form the pillars of governance Values and purpose Tata Code of Conduct

Real World Industries Limited Salt

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Ahmedabad Film City

Established in the year of 2007 with the aim of making the organization as a leading land developer company in Gujarat.