Widely known for its health benefits fo green tea, green tea is one of the most popular varieties of tea. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and is full of essential nutrients that are essential for our health. Having green tea regularly has been known to reduce the risk of various types of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and lower cholesterol levels, high blood pressure as well as boost brain health, skin health and hair health. If you are trying to lose weight then include a cup or two of green tea to your diet as it has been known to help fight fat formation in the body.


This is the most popular variety amongst all varieties of tea and is consumed all over the world. Once the tea leaves are plucked, they are left to dry and wither. After they are withered completely, the tea leaves are oxidised and dried once again giving the tea leaves their distinctive black colour. For the best flavour and aroma, buy black tea online from Teafloor. You will be able to browse through a vast selection of black tea blends and shop for flavours such as Bombay cutting chai, Kadak Masala Ginger chai, Kadak Masala Mantra Chai, Darjeeling Black tea, Assam Black tea etc.


This is a traditional Chinese tea and is a variety of tea which falls somewhere in between green tea and black tea. Therefore, oolong tea has properties of both black tea as well as green tea. The process for producing oolong tea involves withering the tea plant under strong sun and oxidising the leaves before curling and twisting. For fine quality oolong tea, unique tea plant cultivars are exclusively used for particular varieties. If you too wish to get the most premium quality of oolong tea delivered straight to your doorstep, order oolong tea online today. At Teafloor you will be able to shop for amazing varieties such as Giddapahar Darjeeling Oolong Tea, Himalayan Well Rolled Oolong tea, Nilgiris Twirl Oolong Tea, Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea and much more! So tea connoisseurs, what are you waiting for?