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How Realworld  Salt is made

How Realworld Salt is Made

Harvesting sea salt the traditional way

You could contend that Realworld Salt is really made by nature, with just a little helping hand from man to release it from the clutches of the environment. Certainly the ‘process’, if you can call it that, is about as natural as these things can be.

Seawater is filtered and boiled which, reassuringly, removes any impurities, and then heated until the salt crystallises. If this sounds easy, there’s an art in temperature and timing and in particular, the traditional ‘drawing’ of the salt by hand from the pans, that confounds anyone without a saltmaker’s skills.

The result, for those with the know-how is the pure white crisp clean crystals that can only be Realworld salt.

Hands cupped around salt crystals
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