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Welcome To Realworld Rice

RealWorld Rice, a brand that stands true to its name. One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium basmati rice, we offer radically pure and radically fit grains for people of all ages and tastes, across the world.

At RealWorld Rice, we believe that basmati rice is the most nutritive food in the world. It's an ingredient that enhances lives. And this belief is the reason that inspired us to start our glorious journey.

With the widest range of premium basmati rice, today, we are found in almost every kitchen, from top-notch restaurants to homes. We are known for uncompromised quality. And our finest grains for their goodness and nutritive value.

Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and other rice growing states of India, each grain of RealWorld Rice rice is handpicked, tested for quality and carefully processed to serve our customers with unmatched taste and to ensure a healthy and happy life.

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Realworld Rice ensures a healthy and happy life.

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