About Us

The Real World Chocolate is committed to Excellence and Innovation. Excellence in the freshness and quality of our products and services, hygiene maintenance at all our outlets for our customers who place their faith in us. Our products are Innovations creating new offerings based on observation of local appeal, tastes and packaging. All our products are services are test marketted to gauge their appeal before becoming regular offerings on the menu.

The Real World Chocolate has become a common brand among-st chocolate lovers everywhere in India. With a single outlet in Ahmedabad started in 2007 , the Real World Chocolate brand has been growing from strength to strength and today has an enviable network of 180 cafes across the the length and breadth of India. A specialist chocolate indulgence cafe that gives you to experience a unique chocolate moment.

Our staff is well-trained to prepare a range of delicacies. They can whip out warm savoury bakery products or liquids to quench any kind of thirst. These experienced hands also undergo regular trainings to upgrade their skills and service levels. Headquartered in Ahmedabad and having corporate office in Hyderabad with their Indian operations, The Real World Chocolate has several outlets across various other parts of the country.

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